Lemon Bay Evening

Lemon Bay Evening

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday, June 6, 2014

What A Croc !!

The trace evidence found at the crime scene said it all. 

Left by the silhouette of the crime scene markings... was the reminder...

of a pair of favored gardening/lawn care shoes...
gone... but not forgotten.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Took My Breath Away ...

The Gulf 


...in the Closet
All in a day of a FRUMP !
It was not my plan for the day ...had other things to do. 

I was actually lessening the burden on the wire shelf. 

As the contents dropped and rested on my shins and feet ...
"I'm Okay!" I yelled ...       I guess to myself ...

I stepped out of the rubble ... out of the room for a few...then returned to review 
while I consumed a very special cookie or two ...

And with a calm, peace filled head... cleared this cramped , small space
piled it high on the bed ... our night time resting place 

And went about my day.

The end ...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

So Cruel (The Bully Song)

Takes Strength

A deep introspection brought forth this Musical Composition

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hawk Eyed

...Then Joy Rises Up 
~ From Within ~

The peace and serenity of this backyard in southwest Florida is shared with the wildlife which choose to claim their spaces. Amorous Red Shouldered Hawks roost and nest in the tops of these Live Oaks, entertaining humans with their natural activity of flight, feeding/hunting, and well, ...  amore. One afternoon, as I worked to create another peaceful corner in the yard, this surprise visit from one of the Hawks stirred my soul ...

A Totem ...
In North America, there is a certain feeling of affinity between a kin group or clan and its totem. There are taboos against killing clan animals, as humans are kin to the animals whose totems they represent. In some cases, totem spirits are clan protectors and the center of religious activity.

The following is a quote from a blog regarding the Red Tail Hawk
and the relevance to a visit from one such Totem 

Be ever alert for a red tail flying near, for the Red Tailed Hawk will soar beside the Two-Legged whose own gift of vision is exceptionally acute. 
To accept this Totem, is to be knighted as a Guardian and Protector of the Earth Mother and all her Children. These are individuals who will possess an astute awareness of the interconnectedness of all things, and will have an inner reverence for all life. 
These are the souls that are involved in making the world a better place. They will be protectors of the Earth, 
encouraging and educating Others to do the same.

And from this blog ~ 

“Blessings, blessings and more blessings. You have been blessed. Give thanks. . . . Hawk is a messenger of the Creator/Great Spirit/God. The Hawk wants you to be aware the Creator is speaking to you. Take notice. Only you know what the message is. . . in fact, you already know (even if you don’t realize it yet). God is sending you a message. . . but it is for you." ... 

I am listening ...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Contributor's Corner ~ A HEALTHY RANT from a reader ~

Health Start or Finish

Compact Premier Cold Press Juicer

First the rest of the Story ...

Finally ! an email response.... but NOT very favorable for tohealth.com.au   
read on ....

Dear XXXX,
Thank you for your enquiry.  Unfortunately we are unable to ship parts or products overseas.  In the past we have found it to be prohibitively expensive and incredibly unreliable.   The only thing I may suggest is if you have friends or family living in Australia that we could send the parts to.  They could then forward them on to you in Florida, USA.  I do apologise that I cannot help any further.
Kind regards
To Health By Choice

1800 021 069Fax: 02 6623 0522


February of 2013 , after viewing the Netflix Documentary, on The  Gerson Therapy,  ttps://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/The_Gerson_Miracle/70113618?locale=en-us   
( also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Gerson )   
... we researched cold press juicers. 

We viewed the You Tube video of this Compact Premier Cold Press Juicer,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_j4f3N3NJ4 ...  and considered it to be 
the most effective for our budget, and requirements.

We purchased one of these juicers which was listed on ebay, early March of 2013 ... the seller was listed as from CA., USA .  The drum cap broke in less than one month of use ...btw, I am not abusive to my appliances. The company in Australia would not honor the warranty because the item was not purchased by me from them
The Seller on ebay responded to my request for a new part immediately and I was juicing again in less than two weeks from the break.  

Now just 9 months later, the second drum cap breaks ... this time in 2 places (see the photo) and now I am frustrated, and "dead in the water"  of juicing  ~ AGAIN. 

  The ebay seller no longer exists,  and an attempt to purchase from this  company in Australia ...reveals that they 
MY $200.00 juicer sits like an ugly paper weight on the counter.. and I am now likely to replace it with a good old USA made (or at least distributed in the USA) ...Cold Press juicer.  

Dear HealthStart ...        http://www.tohealth.com.au/contact_us.htm
Maybe you should look into customer service for your products, as well as taking the money for them, from folks 
( FRUMPS)   who are needing quality products and service when choosing a healthier lifestyle. 

p.s. ...   still waiting for a reply from a Facebook Message... (because the email link on their website did not work ) ...    I sent them... pleading with them for a shipment consideration. 

p.s.s... This blog author wrote to an email address discovered in an unconventional manner. Let's see if they respond

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hit the Bricks

Therapy and Zen

Playing In the Sand
 Pathway to The Open

The Palm Center
The Calm Seating Flows

Pineapple Hill
Where the Southern Winter Sun Urges Growth

Instead of freezing temps and feet of snow ... I choose to play in the yard ... creating my 
~ Happy Place ~

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Evidence of Foolish Frumpery

Wasted Efforts... or .... 

Opening Day 

The following is the photographic evidence of a labor of love ... 

Bo and Mary @ Mercers through Joyce's eyes ...

From a Distance...but up close and inside ...
Before the walls came down on the expansion ... at Mercer's Fresh Roasted Coffees in Charlotte Harbor, Florida ... the musicians and listeners were inches away from each other. And the customers joined in the music as they came through the gathering to get their favorite roast from the shelves you see behind this Frump. 

The sounds of Music and friendships growing... 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

" Are you an angel? ..."

On an Island

Dear friends and Family ... 
I am going through a difficult time right now ... so please forgive this attached forward... it is not meant to insult .. but because it was sent my way through a divine hand I am sure.. I felt the need to let you know this message.

A memory came to me 10 minutes before I opened this email today. When we had our coffee shop in Melbourne, a gentle spirited woman in later stages of Alzheimer's could not find her way out of our small restroom. She thought she had to get through the full length mirror hanging on the wall to get to the door. Her persistent tapping on the mirror caught my attention. When I opened the door quietly ...  to not startle her.. she looked at me through the mirror and smiling peacefully asked me...  ... " Are you an Angel? ..."
I love you All ...

A Quiet Surprise 
 I sent an angel to watch over you last night, but it came back..  I asked 
"why?"... The angel said: "Angels don't watch over angels!"  Twenty angels are
in your world.  Ten of them are sleeping, nine are playing, one is reading this
message.  Please read..... not joking.....  God has seen you struggling with
something.  God says it's over.  A blessing is coming your way.  If you believe
in God, send this message on, please don't ignore it,
you are being tested.     God is going to fix two BIG things tonight in
your favor.