Lemon Bay Evening

Lemon Bay Evening

Friday, December 31, 2010

When Frumps go for home improvements and redesigning, money is a large factor. When living on a budget, creativity becomes the currency substitute. This chimney was created using recycled drywall sheet rock, which came from the cut out for the new door entrance you see to the right of the chimney. Cutting the "bricks" into 3 x 8 inches using a razor knife for clean cuts; then using texture mud for the adhesive, allows for the appearance of aged imperfection. After allowing enough "curing" time, this chimney will then be textured with dry wall mud for the rough brick appearance, then painted using multiple colors and tones for a desired finish. Can you BUY these faux bricks already finished? Yes. Do these frumps have the money for home decor, redesigning, home improvement? NO. Do they now have a faux chimney in their living room which adds ambience? YES. How much did it cost $$? Well, they have the bucket of mud for other projects of home improvement, the bricks are recycled dry wall from another home improvement project and they get "oops" paint whenever and wherever they can, in their workshop, so basically, this was a " FRUMP FREEBIE" !!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This is the online Magazine for those who can't read, with OR without glasses, the text on those printed versions, which by the way, are supposed to be written and dedicated to the generation of aging adult population, who are or will soon be retired. We will always type in LARGE print for our readers.
Stay tuned for this new and weekly online video version of FRUMPS MAGAZINE !

and by the way... notice the teeny tiny print in our profile.... help me get it LARGED !!!! I have yet to discover the control of all the options here....but I am determined!

Featured Find of the Week

Larry Levings- Resident of Calico Rock, Arkansas, born and raised in Oklahoma,October 26, 1947.
Hard working, kind and good man.
Go to YouTube and search for OkieSongMan and see this moving video.
Larry wrote this song for his Dad who died in 2007, of ALS, to express his love for a man who taught him all he would need to know in life.
Nearly 63 years young, and one fine singer songwriter most people will never even hear.
Larry is now connected through Face Book to the ALS Face Book pages and networking with those who have gone through similar experiences.