Lemon Bay Evening

Lemon Bay Evening

Monday, November 4, 2013

Native American Flute played by Thumper

Saturdays Jams @ Mercer's Fresh Roasted Coffees
Charlotte Harbor, FL 

Early July of this year, these two Frumps went in search of a venue we had been told about. Well, it was not a venue YET .. but a lovely Coffee Shop / Roastery in Charlotte Harbor. 
After sitting out with the "BLUES BROTHERS" down the road, 


we pulled up to the front of a nice strip mall with the smell of fresh roasted beans drawing us into the main entrance of Mercer's Fresh Roasted Coffees.

 A Welcoming Entrance

The atmosphere was nurtured by owners, Wayne and Valerie Mercer for two years in this location, (and two years in a previous location in Punta Gorda) as a quiet, welcoming local roastery, where you could sit a while and enjoy fresh brewed and specialty beverages. We Fell In Love with it! Earthy colors of coffee bean browns, clay colored reds, and golden sunset yellows made me feel like I was just melting into serenity. 

 Wrapped in the comfort of the colors and tones

The sun light focuses on the counter where you can watch the roasting process

Soft sounds of music streaming over the in house stereo made it possible to carry on personal conversations and not invade other customers private "space" .  
After a fresh bagel and a shared French Press, and finding ourselves the only customers at a rare moment, hubby inquired of Wayne his openness to a duo of "folkies" setting out a tip jar and quietly playing their own styles some afternoon. Wayne, in his mild mannered way, stated he wouldn't object at all! 

Leaving with the idea in mind that these Frumps would call midweek to determine a good day for trying this out, we headed home. BUT! Hubby suggested we just get the guitars and head right back for a trial hour or two that day!  The look on Wayne's face was priceless when in we strolled 45 minutes later guitars in hand and smiles on our faces. 

Well, needless to say, that was the beginning... and now 17 weeks later, the crowds have grown, of Musicians and Listeners! And so has the floor space! A courageous move on these Frumps' part, caused the domino effect of courageous moves and the Mercers have expanded! 

 Getting ready for Saturdays Jams before all the walls are painted

 Wayne tempted try it out and put his feet up

 Val adding the finishing touches of the wall art

 oh yeah, just right ..
and the WOW factor of the open space from the front entry

The following is just a sample of the broad genres and talents coming to these Mercer's Saturdays Jams. 

Therapy for the heart, mind and soul comes in many forms, but in this Frumps opinion, there is none so valuable as the music we have, and share.  

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