Lemon Bay Evening

Lemon Bay Evening

Friday, October 18, 2013

Florida Bobcat in my Backyard

I shared this YouTube video here so you can see that these awesome scenes are not uncommon.  Earlier this week, as I sat on the Lanai, I saw a beautiful bobcat strolling casually across the back yard of our neighbor. 
Dumbstruck and in awe, I just sat there watching until it stepped into the wooded lot and disappeared. Reporting this event to my husband and son later that day, left me a little doubtful of seeing this event in full daylight, and a very urban setting. 
UNTIL the next morning, as my hubby and I drove away from the house in mid morning daylight, I saw another bobcat (or maybe the same one) sitting along the side of the road, and as we approached, it got up and trotted into another undeveloped, wooded lot. 
As you can see in this video, this gal was not so surprised at her visitor that she couldn't get some great video footage of it, and did a good job a capturing its casual attitude in being in her yard. LOVE this Florida WILDLIFE ! 

The Shed ... AND the Post Script at the end ...

Did I mention my aversion to snakes? I hate snakes. Every snake is a killer snake. Ex.:  If a snake frightens me into a heart attack, and I die, the snake killed me.  Every snake is a killer snake. 

Sweeping the autumn leaves from the porch area in the front of the house, exposed the evidence of a killer who tried to come in our house. 

Summoning the grand daughter to see the evidence, the first words out of her mouth, " I hope it didn't get IN the door!", left me with the sick realization that this could have happened!  Did I mention that I hate snakes? 

Asking her if she wanted the evidence brought a positive response, and since she was in the middle of preparing her lunch, I offered to bring "the evidence" in the house for her. Washing my hands up to the elbows afterwards, I saw another photo op staring at me.  This slitherin' creature exited it's skin in such a perfect way, the Eyes seemed to be glaring at me !  

Now, I really DO try to see the beauty in ALL of nature, and as difficult as this was, I cannot help but marvel at the delicate process of  The Shed !  


Dateline Nov 11,2013 ...

Massaging the yard into a place for meditation, relaxation, mini vacation, I was clearing some of the overgrowth of ferns, decomposed leaves, etc. On the backside of the shed, I discovered the perfect spot for a somewhat larger reptile to "shed his burden"... and then decided it was another opportunity for the "natural yard art" theme...   ...observe ...

I am certain this fellow, in his new digs, is watching the transformation of his untouched by human hands for the last three years jungle , and probably plotting my demise even as I post this to my blogspot.  In fact, after I finished my work for the day, I sat myself in the green chair in the center of these grand old oaks, just to feel the energy and force of nature. Maybe ten minutes or so into this relaxation moment, I turned to look over my left shoulder toward the sitting area behind these beautiful oaks, and looked straight into the eyes of a (raised his head) black racer ... who I am pretty sure if he had hands... would have been flipping this old lady off!