Lemon Bay Evening

Lemon Bay Evening

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When You're Smiling ...when you're smiling ....

I can feel most of my face, upper lip, and cheeks again.  (Two hours since I left the dentist’s office, 4 hours since I sat in the chair for the fix… and although the discomfort of my upper lip being stretched over my head for working room still reminds me where I went this morning,)  I am doing the “new tooth” dance !!   Even having a high tolerance for pain cannot prevent some of the dental agony in the aftermath of a great sculptor.  But today, parting with nearly three hundred dollars total for this positive result, I am excited to be able to smile my toothy smile in public, laugh with my head tossed back, and make those “cheesy” faces when relating descriptive stories to friends and strangers.

Caught exposing the gap at Busch Gardens Tampa !

Earlier this summer, I walked into the kitchen to declare that I had sufficient evidence to argue that one should not brush their teeth. The gaping hole in the front row of my not so perfect teeth, and the last bit of the old filling in the palm of my hand.  Sporatic years of irregularly scheduled check - ups, cleanings, fillings and such is no substitute for consistent, daily diligence to my own hygiene. 

Fully owning the responsibility of my inactions for my dental practices, I am grateful for the technology and skill available now.  I recently learned that due to the political pressures for Americans to provide their own health insurance, there is a disappearing element. Any county, state or otherwise, free health clinics.  
As a result, I went searching for some reduced cost clinics and discovered one nearby.  The Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida Inc. You can check out their website at http://www.fhcswf.org/.  
While waiting for the full impact of the numbing injection, we made some inquiries about the FHC and learned that it is a non profit organization, with careful hiring practices to insure that the staff has the same work ethic and dedication to providing the best patient care as the individual who started this company nearly thirty years ago.  Without going all mushy or overstating an opinion, I just want to say here, that this organization seems to have a handle on blending the “old school” medical practices with current state of the art tools, and topping it all off with a friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, compassionate staff. KUDOS ! to The Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida ! 
... The Whole World Smiles !

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