Lemon Bay Evening

Lemon Bay Evening

Sunday, August 12, 2012


A Tale of Two Shoppers 
by Pissed Off Polly

My friend Rena razzes me relentlessly about my usually positive outlook on things, and life in general, and so she has nicknamed me ....PollyAnna.........Well, Polly went shopping today and upon returning home decided she must put pen to paper (in this case, fingers to keyboard and capture her experience in writing)...   

Picture it....Salem, in the big box world of Walmart....August 2012.........Polly was considerately parked in the feminine needs aisle when lo' and behold, she heard a most irritating voice chanting that there were "other shoppers in this aisle that needed to get by".....Feeling the need to turn and see if someone was addressing her, Polly saw that indeed, she was the target of that remark. Polly, being Polly, immediately apologized and loudly proclaimed that she was terribly sorry for the inconvenience but that she had gotten totally engrossed in reading the label on the bottle of Vagisil for a feminine itch problem she was having; and promptly moved her shopping cart over all of the entire 2 inches that she had available to her. All while looking said irritating voice directly in her skinny bitch face. She couldn't help but notice the bright pink cheeks of said skinny bitches' husband whose 6' frame began to magically diminish a couple of inches as he pushed the cart past Polly. Our Polly looked up to find another shopper grinning from ear to ear and as she passed by Polly (with no problem), she told Polly that indeed some people would find in time that ' what goes around; comes around' and wished Polly a most pleasant of afternoons. Feeling particularly chipper at that point, our gal Polly continued with her shopping. When what do her wondering eyes behold as she was exiting an aisle (after getting the cutest hummingbird feeder for her sister Pat's birthday!)....you betcha'.....afformentioned skinny bitch taking up the whole aisle as her pussy whipped husband looked up and saw Polly standing there! Well.....Polly being Polly, burst into a most delicious, sparkling smile and promptly and impulsively uttered....."well, ya just never know when some things are going to come back and bitecha' in the ass......."  Said husband laughed out loud, (and she was quite sure stood a little taller) and as Polly strolled away pushing her cart, she thought she heard the skinny bitch growling.    The End

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